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Spanish tutor Joan C

Joan C

29 Lessons
$22.06 / h
English and Spanish
"Joan is a great teacher and we had a lot of fun in this lesson. She is really fun to..."
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Spanish tutor Omar C

Omar C

73 Lessons
$22.06 / h
English and Spanish
"Great classes, he uses the computer very effectively to explain things and writes our conversations so I can see the..."
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Spanish tutor Maribel  Z

Maribel Z

327 Lessons
$18.75 / h
English and French
"Very interesting lessons"
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Spanish tutor Amaya S

Amaya S

3 Lessons
$25.36 / h
English and Spanish
"Great class, felt like I had a great opportunity to practice speaking as well as learning new vocabulary and received..."
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One of the benefits of online classes is that you can learn anytime, anywhere. When you choose a teacher, simply check their calendar to ensure that they have times that fit your schedule. Some teachers may have limited availability due to high demand.

LanguaTalk offers personalized 1-on-1 Spanish classes with top-rated tutors. Here's how to get started:

1 - Find a tutor that meets your needs by reviewing their videos, reviews, pricing, and availability.

2 - Book a trial lesson. Many tutors offer a free 30-minute trial, while others offer a discounted trial price.

3 - Have personalized classes with your chosen tutor via video call. Or try a different tutor if desired.

You don't need to provide credit card information to book a free trial session. Please only book a trial if you're seriously considering taking classes. Tutor prices vary, and you can use the filter to find one that fits your budget. You can pay for individual lessons or purchase a package for a discount (view a tutor's pricing options on their profile).

We're confident you'll enjoy learning on LanguaTalk. Our platform is trusted by students worldwide because of our transparency. We ask students to rate each lesson, and we display these ratings on tutor profiles.

99.8% of lesson ratings are 5 stars. This is because we only accept the top 10% of tutor applications, unlike other platforms.

To access our full list of FAQs or get assistance from our friendly team, click the '?' in the corner of the screen. You can also watch students sharing their experiences learning on LanguaTalk below.

Most students take 55-minute classes. However, some tutors also offer the option of 30-minute classes. If this option is available, it will be noted on the tutor's profile (below their pricing and above the 'Buy Lessons' button).

In general, 55-minute classes are recommended for most students. 30-minute classes may be suitable if you're taking lessons for your child or if you have an intermediate level and only want conversation practice.

If you're new to LanguaTalk, we'll provide you with a credit for a free trial session. Many, but not all, teachers offer these for free. If a tutor does not offer a free trial, the trial price will be 30 percent of their full lesson price, allowing you to still try a session at a reduced cost.

Trial sessions last 30 minutes. They allow you to determine if the teacher is a good fit for you and get a sense of what online learning is like. The teacher will assess your level and try to understand your needs and interests so that they can tailor any classes you choose to take. You'll be encouraged to speak as much as possible in Spanish, but you can also speak in English if needed.

If, after your trial session, you don't feel that the teacher is right for you, you can book a trial with another teacher for 30 percent of their full lesson price.

Lessons are taught one-on-one to ensure that you receive customized instruction. During the classes, your tutor will use a variety of teaching methods and resources, including language exercises, conversation practice, and cultural notes, to help you reach your learning objectives.

All classes take place via video call. Your tutor will normally give you a choice of calling tools, all of which are easy to use.

What are the differences between learning Spanish with a teacher via video call and learning in person with a Spanish teacher in Pueblo?

Some students might be unsure about learning Spanish online because they think it will be very different from in-person learning. However, many students find that the online experience is similar and they often develop strong relationships with their teacher.

Once you start a video call with your selected teacher, you'll be able to communicate with them as if you were in the same room. The teacher may also share learning resources with you (such as newspaper articles or YouTube videos) and you'll be able to collaborate in real-time using tools like Google Docs or Dropbox Paper.

What's the best way to find a Spanish teacher in my area of Pueblo?

If you prefer in-person classes for adults over online learning, LanguaTalk may not be the best fit for you. Instead, you can search for a teacher on a local service listing website or place an advertisement in your area. However, we do encourage you to try online learning – you have nothing to lose by booking a free trial session. Many students find that the online experience is just as good as in-person learning, with the added benefit of access to higher quality teachers at a lower cost.

Do any of the teachers on LanguaTalk also offer Spanish classes for adults in Pueblo?

Some tutors on LanguaTalk may also provide in-person classes for adults in Pueblo, but most only offer online classes for adults as it is more convenient and allows them to work from home. Additionally, most tutors are not located in Pueblo because they are living elsewhere in the world. If you book a lesson with a tutor, you should assume that the lesson will be conducted online.

How much do Pueblo Spanish teachers charge per hour?

Our research suggests that the average hourly rate for private Spanish classes for adults in Pueblo is between $25-$35. Since online teachers don't have to travel to you and often live in countries with a lower cost of living, their hourly rate tends to be significantly lower.