Become an Affiliate Partner

Become an Affiliate Partner

Why partner with us?

  1. Generous commission. We'll give you $40 when a new student buys 5 lessons or more. Yes, you read that right. We can offer this because our tutors tend to be excellent, which means students stick around and recommend us. Other language tutoring platforms only pay $10 to $15. We're looking for long-term partners and fairness matters to us.
  2. High earning potential. Not only do we offer the highest commission in our industry, but we maximise the likelihood of clicks turning into paying students. How? 1) We put time into finding the best tutors (unlike other sites), 2) Many tutors offer a 30-minute free trial session, and 3) Our platform makes it easy to find a suitable tutor and start learning. We also have a 60-day cookie window, and unlike many affiliate programs, users only need to create an account during this period for the referral to be tracked - if a purchase then happens further into the future, it'll still be rewarded.
  3. You'll be doing good. We're a startup (launched in Feb 2021) helping talented tutors raise their incomes and work on better terms. Some platforms have unfair policies (like allowing students to cancel 4 hours before the lesson), as well as charging extremely high commission rates (often above 25%). Ours is 16%, and we aim to go lower as we grow and become less dependent on advertising. We also have a 24h cancellation policy to protect tutors' incomes.
  4. Transparent reviews. You can see tutors' reviews on their profiles. The majority are 5 stars. We care about the student experience. If an issue occurs, we provide support to resolve it quickly.
  5. It's as easy as you want it to be. Short on time? Simply mention us in your content, whether it be a podcast, YouTube channel, email, or on your website. We're flexible and are available to help you create content that fits with your time constraints and your style.
  6. We support our partners. Most affiliate schemes are time-consuming and the companies involved provide little help. We make it super simple, and will help you increase your income with minimal effort.

Ready to try it, or have questions?

If you're interested in helping tutors raise their incomes whilst earning industry leading commissions in return, please drop us a message at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


1) Curious to know more about who we are? See here.

2) Wondering who are current partners are? Right now they include content creators like How To Spanish, Spanish Land School & Slow German. We only launched the partner programme in June and are seeing lots of interest from YouTubers, podcasters and learning sites.

3) If you have a YouTube channel or a podcast, we can even assign you commission for anyone who signs up after going to a specific page on our site. This means you can mention us in your content, without even having to use a link. Clever, huh!

4) Above we mentioned that we pay commission when a new student buys 5 lessons or more. Approximately 99.8% of students who book lessons take at least 5.