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Why LanguaTalk is the best choice for language tutoring

  • Other platforms accept almost anyone to teach. On LanguaTalk, you'll find the best tutors as we accept less than 10% of applications.

  • Instantly see tutors who match your schedule & budget using smart filters.

  • Book multiple lessons in seconds & get help from our team if needed (no chatbots here!)

  • 16 languages, including Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and many more.

With Langua's AI, you'll gain real-world fluency significantly faster than using Duolingo

  • Practice conversations & role plays with the world's most advanced AI. Get instant corrections & build confidence without the pressure of chatting with natives.

  • Access learning content recommended for you by teachers. Interact with transcripts that highlight each word as it’s spoken.

  • Translate words in one click, see usage examples & learn vocab fast via an intelligent flashcard system.

  • Easy to use on any device. Free & Pro plans available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While having a skilled tutor is the fastest way to achieve fluency, not everyone can afford regular tutoring sessions. Moreover, even students who work with a tutor need to make progress between classes. That's where Langua comes in – it's the most advanced platform for learning languages with AI and comprehensible input.

As a child, you learnt your native language by exploring, primarily through listening, speaking, and reading. And as an adult, it still makes sense to learn in the same fun & exploratory way. Langua makes this possible.

Langua Pro allows you to practice speaking your target language and receive instant feedback, preparing you for real-life conversations in a way that traditional language learning apps do not. You can learn more about Langua here.

Is learning languages with AI as effective as working with a tutor? The best tutors provide emotional support, accountability, and personalized guidance that AI cannot replicate. They can also adapt to your individual needs, understand subtle language nuances, and offer targeted pronunciation feedback. AI is best used in combination with tutoring, giving you the opportunity to practice whenever you have a moment free.

You can try Langua for free here.

Let’s start with tutoring. The price per lesson depends on which tutor(s) you choose. Prices can range anywhere from 10 USD (€9/£8) to 50 USD (€46/£40) per lesson. The average varies by language. It's typically cheaper than in-person classes as tutors don't have to travel and often live in countries with a lower cost of living. We believe it’s unethical to have high commission, so you’ll get better value than on other sites, which often take a huge cut. You can use the price filter to see tutors who are within your budget.

Langua has a freemium model: you can access a limited version of the software for free, or you can get a monthly or annual subscription to access all features. You can check pricing for Langua here.

1-on-1 lessons are perhaps the best way to improve speaking skills, and because of this many students use LanguaTalk to learn to speak languages fluently. That said, some students have other, more specific goals. Tell your tutor what your goals are and they'll tailor the lessons to your needs. Most tutors will be able to adapt to whatever goal you have, whether you're learning for family, business, travel, exams, or just for fun! You can focus on whatever areas you want to improve, whether this be grammar, pronunciation, confidence when speaking, or something else. If a tutor cannot help with a specific thing, like exam preparation, this will be stated on their profile.

When you create an account, you’ll be given a credit for a 30-minute free trial session. Most tutors accept this credit, whilst some choose to charge a small fee for trials.

The trial is there for you to assess whether the tutor is a good fit for you, and get a feel for learning online. The tutor will assess your level and aim to understand your needs and interests so that they can customise any lessons you decide to take. You'll be encouraged to speak in your target language as much as possible, but of course you can speak in English too!

After your session, if you feel that the tutor isn’t quite right for you, you can simply book a trial with someone else.

Most of the tutors on LanguaTalk are able to teach students of all levels (A1-C2). When you click on a tutor's profile, below their video you'll see if certain levels are not supported. For example, certain tutors cannot teach complete beginners (but most can!)

Likewise, you can also see on the tutor's profile whether they're suitable for all ages. Students sometimes take LanguaTalk lessons to support school/college studies. Usually, the tutor will be able to customise the lessons to follow the material and topics covered in the student's exams. Please note that as per our Terms & Conditions, students who are under 18 must get permission from a legal guardian before booking.

All lessons on LanguaTalk are taught online, via video call (or voice only if you prefer). Not only does learning online save travel costs, but you gain access to the best tutors from all over the world. Whilst students occasionally prefer in-person learning, the vast majority of students report being pleasantly surprised by the experience of learning with a tutor online. You can do all the things you’d do if you were in the same room as your tutor. Book a trial session and see if you agree!

We have hundreds of talented tutors. So the choice can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Above the tutor profiles, you’ll see an availability filter. Here you can select when you’re free, and you’ll instantly see tutors who match your schedule. Sometimes tutors may be busy during the current week, so you may need to click the arrow to go to the next week.

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