Meet Langua, the world's best AI language tutor

Gain confidence rapidly by speaking with an AI language tutor that’s available 24/7. Practice without pressure - you can make mistakes freely and get instant feedback.

Why learn with Langua?

  • Enjoy conversations designed to build fluency, including roleplays, debates, vocabulary practice, and more.

  • Engage with an AI language teacher that sounds human and always keeps the conversation flowing.

  • Access corrections, explanations, and translations in one click.

  • Enjoy the flexibility to practice anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Save new words and learn them via AI-generated stories and flashcards.

How does it work?

  • Choose an AI language tutor to chat with. Each one has a native voice and accent that’s been cloned from a real person!

  • Choose a conversation, such as roleplaying a situation related to your life.

  • Express yourself freely and learn from your mistakes with instant feedback.

  • Stuck on a word or phrase? Simply speak in your native language. The AI will understand and assist.

  • Don’t know what to reply? Click the lightbulb 💡 to see suggested responses.

Langua isn’t just for chatting with an AI language tutor…

  • Find podcasts and videos at your level. Or import your favourite content.

  • Read as you listen with interactive transcripts synced with the audio.

  • Save new vocabulary from chats, videos and podcasts.

  • Master words and phrases efficiently with spaced repetition flashcards.

  • Reinforce learning via AI-generated stories packed with your saved vocab.

Learn for free, or go Pro for premium features

You’ll start on the free plan when you create your account. To access the full range of features and supercharge your progress, you’ll be able to upgrade to one of our Pro plans below. Each plan has a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


Includes access to the AI for unlimited speaking practice and instant feedback (plus all other features). Ideal if you’re feeling highly motivated!


Our most popular plan. Ideal if you want to practice speaking with AI for 30-45 mins per day. Includes access to all other features.


Includes everything except the AI conversation practice. Ideal if you like learning through our interactive transcripts, flashcards and AI stories.

View Features and Compare Plans

Only included in ‘Communicate’ and ‘Unlimited’ plans:

✔ Learn to speak a language with AI conversation practice.

‘Communicate’ gives you up to 75 messages per day. This takes 45 minutes on average.

Want to practice without limits? Get the Unlimited plan.

Included in all plans:

✔ Learn effectively from podcasts & videos with interactive transcripts that sync with the audio (unlimited transcripts).

✔ Save words and sentences, then learn them with flashcard exercises proven to help you memorize vocabulary as efficiently as possible.

✔ See all word meanings, usage examples & similar words.

✔ Reinforce words in context by generating short AI stories that incorporate your saved words. Optionally add audio.

✔ Learn from content that matches your interests by importing videos and articles. Bring your articles to life by adding audio narration.

✔ Learn multiple languages (see available ones in FAQs below).

With the free version, you can instantly generate interactive transcripts for podcasts, videos and articles. This is limited to one transcript per day, but you can also see transcripts that are already in our library. You’ll be able to translate words in one click.

With many languages, we also have ‘most common words’ flashcard packs to help you build your core vocabulary as fast as possible.

Other features, such as those highlighted in the Pro plans above, are not available for free. Due to the high costs of running AI models, we cannot afford to offer AI conversation practice for free. However, you can test it for free after creating an account and also try Pro with the 30-day moneyback guarantee.

The guarantee is designed to let you experience the benefits of a Pro plan whilst knowing that you can always get a refund if you’re not fully satisfied. Only 5% of learners have asked for this, but we understand that everyone is different when it comes to learning. If you find that Langua isn’t the best fit for you, you’ll simply need to email us and we’ll promptly send a full refund.

Absolutely! Cancelling your Langua subscription is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few clicks. Simply go to Settings > Subscription within your account, and follow the prompts to cancel. We understand the frustration of dealing with companies that make it difficult to cancel, and we're committed to being different.

With so many language learning apps available, it can be tricky to choose the right one.

Duolingo, the most well known app, offers a gamified experience with simple exercises and multiple-choice questions. Whilst it is helpful for beginners who need to build their vocabulary, there’s a common criticism: you can use it for years and still not become fluent.

As a child, you learnt your native language by exploring, primarily through listening, speaking, and reading. While you’ll have changed a lot since then, it still makes sense to learn your target language in the same fun & exploratory way. Langua makes this possible.

One of Langua's most popular features is the AI conversation practice, which allows you to practice speaking and receive instant feedback, including explanations for corrections. This feature prepares you for real-life communication in a foreign language.

In addition, Langua offers interactive transcripts for podcasts and YouTube videos. The transcripts highlight each word as it's spoken and sync perfectly with the audio, making it easier to follow content that might otherwise be too challenging.

Whether you're chatting with the AI or following transcripts, you can instantly translate words, see usage examples, and save them to your account. Then learn your saved vocab via flashcards, which employ an algorithm proven to help you memorize vocabulary effectively. You can even generate short stories that incorporate your saved words, reinforcing your learning through context.

By combining AI conversation practice, interactive transcripts, and personalized vocabulary learning, Langua offers a holistic and effective language learning experience that emulates the natural way people learn languages.

But if you’re only interested in the AI conversation practice, users have told us that the following things make Langua stand out:

1) Human-like voices with native accents (most apps sound more robotic)

2) Wide range of carefully designed chat topics (role plays, debates, vocabulary practice, and more)

3) Hands-free options for seamless conversation

4) Corrections and explanations for mistakes

5) Instant translation and ability to save words

6) Integration with spaced repetition flashcards and AI-generated stories

Langua officially offers the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and Romanian. Other languages with the Latin alphabet should work with the AI conversation feature, but we have not tested them yet. We have not added learning content for untested languages yet but you can search for podcasts & import content yourself. We'll be launching new languages very soon.

We can accept the following payment methods:

  • Cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada)
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay (Chrome only)
  • Apple Pay

You may notice that this is different to our tutoring platform. This is because we’ve partnered with a company called Paddle to simplify subscription payments and taxes. If you see ‘Paddle’ on your statement, it’ll be your Langua subscription.

Learning a language takes time and perseverance, so if you want to pay less per month, the annual plan is a good choice. Of course, we also have the 30-day moneyback guarantee, so you can always try annual and change your mind later. The monthly plan is still great value, and is a good option if you don’t have the funds to pay for an annual subscription.

Langua is flexible: you can learn for a few minutes a day, or immerse yourself for hours. Research has shown that the key to successfully learning a language is consistency. So we encourage you to do at least 5 minutes a day if possible. If you’re short on time, you can have a quick conversation via our Communicate tool. Or you can listen to a podcast episode whilst doing the dishes, exercising, etc. You’d be surprised how much listening you can squeeze into your days. Reading the transcripts, checking translations, and learning vocab with flashcards is recommended, but optional.

Langua is mobile-friendly. Everything is laid out simply, making it accessible for all ages. We’re also constantly improving the software based on user feedback.

Our interactive transcripts and chat features leverage some complex tech. In testing, we’ve found that Google Chrome handles these best, so we recommend using that if your browser is struggling to keep up. Safari always works well on Apple devices. You'll also need a reliable internet connection.

You’ll notice that Langua is part of LanguaTalk. LanguaTalk is an online tutoring platform launched in 2021 by two friends, Alex, from the UK, and Don, a Google engineer from the USA. They saw that many tutoring platforms had major drawbacks - from unprofessional tutors, to unethical policies, to confusing website functionality. LanguaTalk has grown fast due to its focus on ethics, user-friendly design, and most importantly, high teaching standards.

In 2022, two famous entrepreneurs and teachers joined the team: Olly and Lucy. Olly Richards speaks 8 languages and has helped thousands of people through his courses, as well as books sold all over the world. Lucy Simkins is possibly the most well known English teacher on the planet, and has over 10 million YouTube subscribers.

So whilst Langua is fairly new, it was created by an experienced team that’s passionate about language learning. With Langua, the commitment to exceptional quality and design remains. The goal is to enhance the tool every month - we welcome feedback and ideas.

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