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Reviews for LanguaTalk (tutoring)

We encourage students to leave a rating or a review after every lesson. These are shown on tutors' profiles.

99.8% of ratings are 5 stars. This is largely because unlike other platforms, we only accept the very best applications. We look for tutors who have a track record of excellence, and a true passion for teaching languages.

Whilst the quality of your experience on LanguaTalk will largely come down to your tutor(s) and their ability to meet your needs, choosing the right platform is also important. You need easy booking, flexible and secure payments, and occasionally, prompt support. The reviews on tutors' profiles don't usually mention LanguaTalk, so here are some reviews and messages we've received that do:

You can also see reviews for LanguaTalk on, an independent reviews website that's similar to Trustpilot. Below is our current review score:

We also asked some language learners to talk about their experiences. You can watch the 2-minute video below:

Ready to find a tutor for a trial session? This is the best way to see if LanguaTalk tutoring is for you. You can view tutors here.

LanguaTalk reviews from tutors

One reason we're able to attract the best tutors is that we've built a strong reputation for supporting them and having fairer policies than certain other companies.

We get hundreds of applications every month and people often tell us they applied because they've heard good things about us from tutors. You can watch and read feedback from some LanguaTalk tutors below:

"I really like the ease and clarity of LanguaTalk. Everything is straightforward, nothing hidden, and as a teacher I feel heard and protected. I also really like how easy it is to get in touch with their team when I have questions. They are so supportive." - Renée, teacher

"Easy to adjust your availability, easy to adjust the price, being able to fix the price for existing students, and payment without intermediary. Hands down, the best platform I´ve come across. Nice work!" - Erik, teacher

Langua reviews

In 2023, we spent thousands of hours building the world's most powerful AI language learning platform: Langua. In Jan 2023, we launched the Pro version, and below are some early reviews from learners:

You can try Langua, for free, here, and let us know what you think via our feedback tool. The Pro version comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee so you can try it without any risk and see if it works for you.

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