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We encourage students to leave a rating or a review after every lesson. These are shown on tutors' profiles.

99.8% of ratings are 5 stars. This is largely because unlike other platforms, we work hard to attract, identify and retain the very best tutors.

You can see some reviews below:

We also asked some of our lovely users to talk about their experiences. You can watch the 2-minute video below:

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Why we don't gather LanguaTalk reviews on TrustPilot

The first thing you may notice if you've searched for 'LanguaTalk reviews' is that we do not have reviews on TrustPilot or a similar site.

We launched in February 2021 and we're bootstrapped, meaning we do not have funding from investors. TrustPilot charges thousands of dollars each year just to collect and display reviews. We'd prefer to reinvest our modest revenues into improving the platform, rather than paying TrustPilot.

We've also set up our own transparent review system. In order to decide whether to book lessons with a tutor on LanguaTalk, you can check the reviews on their profile, and book a trial session.

Another reason we do not use TrustPilot or similar services is that they are known to show lots of fake reviews, whilst allowing businesses to remove bad reviews. We don't think they deserve thousands of dollars from us each year.

As well as TrustPilot reviews, for certain language learning companies, you may see 'in-depth reviews' written by bloggers. These are usually biased because the company is paying the blogger every time someone signs up after reading the review. This is called 'affiliate marketing'.

As you can see, it's hard to assess the authenticity of reviews. So whenever you're thinking about buying something online, consider assessing the website in other ways too. In our case, we encourage you to:

  • Create an account and explore the platform to see how intuitive it is. Browse tutor profiles to assess their quality. Book a free trial session with one of the tutors on our platform. Unlike other sites, we do not require card details and the trial does not require a subscription you need to cancel.
  • Check out our free learning content. For example, we currently have podcasts for Spanish, French and Italian.
  • See who we are and why we created LanguaTalk here. If you care about how tutors are treated, you can see what they say about us below.

LanguaTalk Reviews From Tutors

"I really like the ease and clarity of LanguaTalk. Everything is straightforward, nothing hidden, and as a teacher I feel heard and protected. I also really like how easy it is to get in touch with their team when I have questions. They are so supportive." - Renée, teacher

"Easy to adjust your availability, easy to adjust the price, being able to fix the price for existing students, and payment without intermediary. Hands down, the best platform I´ve come across. Nice work!" - Erik, teacher

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