LanguaTalk: The Ideal Alternative to Duolingo Classes

In December 2022, Duolingo announced it would stop offering Classes in January. This disappointed users, many of whom were enjoying taking Duolingo classes with language tutors.

If you're looking to replace your Duolingo Classes, or simply find a talented tutor to help you improve your ability to speak your target language, LanguaTalk is the ideal alternative. It enables you to take online classes that are tailored to your goals and needs by some of the best tutors around.

LanguaTalk classes are typically taught 1-on-1. Whilst this often costs a little more than learning in a group, if you use the price filter, you'll see some very good value tutors. There are 2 reasons for this: 1) Many tutors live in countries with a low cost of living, and 2) As classes are online, tutors don't have to consider travel time/costs.

Learning 1-on-1 tends to be more effective than group learning. You'll get the full attention of your tutor, who will tailor the lessons to your precise needs. It's also perfect for improving speaking skills, as you'll spend much of each lesson speaking, rather than listening to others.

Here’s how to try LanguaTalk (with no commitment):

1 - Select the language you're learning via the filter on the left, at the top of this page.

2 - Find your ideal tutor by browsing videos, reviews, pricing and availability.

3 - Book a trial. Many tutors offer a 30-minute trial for free; others charge a discounted price.

4 - Take personalised lessons with your new tutor via video call. Or try someone else.

Click here to see tutors' videos, reviews and pricing.

No card is required to book a free trial session. Pricing varies by tutor and you can use the filter to find someone who fits your budget. You can pay one lesson at a time, or buy in bulk for a discount (open a tutor's profile to see their pricing options).

We’re confident you’ll love learning via LanguaTalk. We launched in 2021 and are recommended by many of the most well-known creators in the language learning space, such as Olly Richards, Benny Lewis, and Lucy Bella Simkins.

We're trusted by students all over the world because we're transparent. We ask students to rate each lesson, and we display reviews on tutors’ profiles.

99.8% of lesson ratings are 5 stars. Why? Because unlike other platforms, we accept only the top 10% of tutor applications.

Click here to view tutors' videos, reviews and pricing.

LanguaTalk lessons are a great alternative to Duolingo Classes, particularly if you have a busy schedule and want to improve your speaking skills rapidly.