How much do Spanish tutors charge per hour?

According to our research and data, the average Spanish tutor hourly rate is $20 USD (€20 or £17). However, rates vary significantly based on multiple factors, including experience, qualifications and where in the world the tutor lives, as you'll see below.

Spanish Tutor Rates Per Hour

Below you can see how the average rate per hour varies by the country the tutor is from. The data is based on rates analysed for both face-to-face and online tutors. If you want to see hourly rates for available online tutors in each country, click the links in the table.

Country Spanish tutor hourly rate (av) View tutors
Spain $25/h (£21) See tutors from Spain
Mexico $17/h (£14.5) See tutors from Mexico
Colombia $16/h (£13.7) See tutors from Colombia
Peru $14.5/h (£12) See tutors from Peru
Venezuela $8/h (£7) See tutors from Venezuela
Argentina $15/h (£12.5) See tutors from Argentina
Chile $18/h (£15.4) See tutors from Chile
Uruguay $12/h (£10) See tutors from Uruguay

You can see Spanish tutors' rates and reviews on LanguaTalk. Click here to view live Spanish tutor rates per hour. Online tutors tend to be cheaper than local tutors in the US and Europe.

What factors affect how much Spanish tutors charge per hour?

When you look for someone to help you become fluent in Spanish, you'll see there is a huge range in how much Spanish tutors cost. This is based on many factors, including:

  • Qualifications. If the tutor has qualified to prepare students for the DELE exams for example, they're likely to be in higher demand and charge more.
  • Experience. Spanish tutors with more experience are more popular and typically want higher pay to reflect the years they've dedicated to their profession.
  • Location. Tutors living in big cities, or in the US or Northern Europe, will have a higher cost of living than those who live in rural areas or less expensive countries. This may be reflected in their rate per hour.
  • Online or face-to-face. Those who teach online don't need to travel to you, saving them time and money. This allows them to charge a lower rate than those you meet face-to-face.

Of course, learning 1-on-1 with an experienced Spanish tutor is still not the cheapest way to learn. For example, you could start learning via an app instead. But once you know a few words, nothing beats 1-on-1 Spanish lessons with a great teacher.

As you can see, it's hard to answer precisely when someone asks: how much do spanish tutors charge per hour? We hope the above information has informed you on the typical ranges you can expect based on country, experience and lesson format. If you'd like to see up to date Spanish tutor rates per hour, you can see data by country using the filters by clicking on the image below:

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