Looking for the iTalki affiliate program? Here's a fairer alternative

The iTalki affiliate program typically pays between $10 and $12 per referral.

A fair deal? We don't think so.

At LanguaTalk, we offer affiliates $30 per referral, or 8.5% lifetime commission (over 50% of our commission). This works out to between 3 and 5x iTalki's payout. We can offer this because our tutors tend to be excellent, which means students stick around and recommend us. We're looking for long-term partners and fairness matters to us.

Our program is popular amongst creators. We're recommended by creators with huge audiences, like StoryLearning (Olly Richards), English with Lucy, Fluent in 3 Months (Benny Lewis), Paul from Langfocus, and Laura Lawless.

What is LanguaTalk?

LanguaTalk is a startup launched in Feb 2021. We offer the same thing as iTalki, and many of our tutors work on both platforms. We have higher standards for teaching compared to most platforms, only accepting around 10% of applications. This means that it's far less hit or miss compared to iTalki - you're almost guaranteed to find a tutor who is talented and reliable.

We also stand out from other platforms in a few other ways:

  • Our platform is more intuitive than others. For example, on iTalki, you have to request time slots and tutors sometimes reject these. On LanguaTalk, a booking is a booking (we expect tutors to keep their calendar accurate).
  • We attract the best tutors because we have better policies and support than the big platforms. Here's how Renée, one of our Dutch tutors described us: "I really like the ease and clarity of LanguaTalk. Everything is straightforward, nothing hidden, and as a teacher I feel heard and protected. I also really like how easy it is to get in touch with their team when I have questions. They are so supportive."
  • We don't outsource our customer support to bots or inexperienced contract staff. Support on LanguaTalk is provided by the founders and a couple of tutors who know the system inside out.
  • Most platforms, including iTalki, don't provide any refunds. We do, though these are rarely asked for due to our quality (people sometimes just change their minds, or realise they're shorter on cash than they thought.)

Curious to find out more?

Our affiliate program stands out not just for the high earning potential, but also because we support you with everything you need and make things simple. We create your account, give you the links, and help you with campaigns and finding tactics that work.

If you're interested in helping tutors raise their incomes whilst earning industry leading commissions in return, please drop us a friendly message at [email protected]. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have or even jump on a call. We look forward to hearing from you! 👋