merges with LanguaTalk

April 4, 2024 - LanguaTalk is pleased to announce the successful merger with, its predecessor. This merger marks the culmination of a three-year transition process, aimed at providing language learners with an enhanced and seamless tutoring experience.

A Natural Evolution

Alex Redfern, the founder of both and LanguaTalk, saw an opportunity to create a more modern and user-friendly tutoring platform. In collaboration with his friend and Google engineer, Don Pottinger, Alex built LanguaTalk to provide a cutting-edge learning experience for both students and tutors.

"LanguaTalk represents the natural evolution of," said Alex Redfern. "By leveraging the latest technology and design principles, we have created a platform that better serves the needs of our language learning community."

Gradual Transition for Lingoci's Community

Over the past three years, Lingoci's tutors and students have gradually moved to the LanguaTalk platform. This carefully planned transition ensured that the Lingoci community could continue their language learning journey without disruption while benefiting from LanguaTalk's advanced features and resources.

In early 2024, the Lingoci website officially closed, with the site now redirecting visitors to LanguaTalk. This marks the successful completion of the merger, bringing together the combined strengths of both platforms.