Langua Affiliate Program - Terms & Conditions

The Terms below establish the terms and conditions of LanguaTalk's Affiliate Program for its subscription tool, Langua. By participating in the Program, you, the "affiliate"/"partner", agree to abide by these terms.

  1. Payment timing and minimum payout. LanguaTalk uses software called Tolt to manage and track commissions. On the Tolt platform, Tolt shows payouts as 'due' on a net-30 basis, e.g. January commissions would be generated on March 1st. Due to the admin involved in managing payments: 1) partners will receive payouts on a quarterly basis, in early February, May, August and November, and 2) Payouts will only be sent when an affiliate has at least $20 due in commission.
  2. Commission amounts and currency. LanguaTalk will calculate the payout based on the agreed commission per referral, then pay via the partner’s selected payment method. Payment will be sent in USD, unless agreed otherwise.
  3. Cookie window. The affiliate scheme has a 60-day cookie window, unless otherwise specified. This means that affiliates will be rewarded as long as the user they refer creates an account within 60 days. As long as the user does this, purchases further into the future will still be tracked and counted for commission. (This is superior to some other affiliate programs, which require a purchase within the cookie window).
  4. Tracking. It is the affiliates' responsibility to ensure they are using the correct link(s) for tracking referrals.
  5. Refunds & fraud. Whilst refunds are very rare, to protect from fraud and ensure LanguaTalk does not make losses, if a user is refunded, the referral will not be paid. If commission is paid, then the customer requests a refund, the commission will be automatically deducted from future payouts by Tolt. LanguaTalk reserves the right to withhold payment if it has reasonable grounds to suspect fraudulent activity.
  6. Disallowed activities. If you do any of the following, your account will be banned and you will not receive commission: 1) pretend to be acting on behalf of LanguaTalk, 2) run ads to promote Langua, 3) post fake discounts.
  7. Separation of tutoring and Langua affiliate programs. As well as Langua, LanguaTalk also offers a tutoring platform. The platform requires use of a different payment processor, which is specialised in marketplace payments. Given this and the superior commission rate available with Langua software, tutoring purchases use a separate affiliate program and tracking software. Commission in the Langua program is therefore only paid on Langua subscriptions. If you wish to also refer your audience to LanguaTalk’s tutoring platform, please contact [email protected] to join the affiliate program.
  8. Changes to Terms. LanguaTalk reserves the right to adjust Terms and commission rates. Whilst unlikely, this may be required due to changes in costs or other factors. Partners will always be given at least one month's notice of any changes.