Aller Imparfait Conjugation

Use the chart, examples, and video below to learn how to conjugate aller in the imparfait (imperfect) tense.

Aller: Imparfait Conjugation Chart

j' allais
tu allais
il/elle/on allait
nous allions
vous alliez
ils/elles allaient

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Examples: how to conjugate aller in imparfait tense

Here are some examples of conjugating aller in imparfait (imperfect) form:

J'allais toujours à la plage.

I (always) went to the beach.

Tu allais au pub tous les soirs.

You went (/would go) to the pub every night.

Ils allaient en France la plupart des années.

They would go to France most years.


  • Aller is an irregular verb.
  • Don’t worry about memorising all the imparfait conjugations by heart. Through speaking and listening on a regular basis, you’ll develop an intuitive feel for the rules and exceptions when conjugating verbs.
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Reminder of what the French personal pronouns mean:

  • je = I
  • tu = you (singular informal)
  • il/elle = he/she
  • on = we (formal)
  • nous = we (informal)
  • vous= you (singular formal OR plural (both formal and informal))
  • ils/elles = they

How to conjugate aller in the imperfect tense - recommended video:

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