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1 Lesson | June 20, 2022

Robert has helped me immensely to prepare for the C1 exam. Particularly for the written essay but also for the reading and listening tasks. Through our sessions, I feel that I have become familiarised with the exam structure and Robert has also guided me through the process of how an examiner marks the papers so that I can better understand how to 'find the marks' in each section of the exam. As a certified examiner himself, he is uniquely qualified to assist those who are hoping to strengthen their exam performance and gain confidence through focused test preparation. I would strongly recommend anyone who is considering taking a German exam to book a session with Robert and you'll be shocked at how much you can improve even after a single session! I'll be sure to book some slots with Robert before all of my future exams.


1 Lesson | June 13, 2022

I've worked with many German teachers online, and I can unequivocally state that Robert is the best in the business. He is highly knowledgeable, not only about the German language, but also about many, many other topics, which means we always have plenty to talk about. He helps me to build sentences that are grammatically correct and clear, and his explanations often provide a bit of background information to help me understand why a word or phrase is the way it is. He is patient and affirming, and he clearly enjoys teaching, which make him a real pleasure to work with.

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