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Nozomu h

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6 Lessons | July 7, 2022

I have only been with Noz for two lessons but I feel like I have already learned so much from the short time I have been with him and I am excited to learn more from him in the future


2 Lessons | June 30, 2022

T.L.D.R. Get lessons with Nozomu. I've been wanting to give Japanese a shot for a good long while now, I've been getting by on sites like Anki, and Doulingo for a couple years now. When we had began the lesson, he had asked the right questions to pin point exactly where you are in Japanese, and how to build your vocabulary. Orchestrating it in a way that he knows would make sense, and if it doesn't make any sense to you; he'd explain it in a different context or give you some more examples of whatever it is you may be tackling at that given moment. Every time we may get sidetracked or if you're digging into a subject a little deeper, Nozomu is always able to loop what we're talking about back to his original point. He's got one of the most friendliest of personalities, and truly is one of the best teachers/professors I've ever had.


2 Lessons | June 27, 2022

Excellent first lesson. Noz was able to quickly assess my level during my first trial lesson so during our first full lesson together he was able to develop a great study plan for me to help me meet my goals. Nozomu offered great suggestions and strategies that I will be implementing during my studies this week! We are using the Genki textbooks but Noz will also supplement our lessons with tailored worksheets/assignments for what I am struggling with. Nozomu explains things very well and provides many examples to help cement the concepts. He eliminated any anxiety I had about pronouncing words and was extremely encouraging. I cannot recommend Nozomu enough. Don't think twice about booking a session with him.

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