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"Eunice is so patient, kind, and encouraging. It's obvious she puts a lot of care and attention into her work. :) I'm beyond grateful to have her as a tutor. " "Eunice is so patient, kind, and encouraging. It's obvious she puts a lot of care and attention into her work. :) I'm beyond grateful to have her as a tutor. "
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42 Lessons | April 3, 2023

My tutor, Eunice, has all the materials needed to provide me the proper instruction for the lesson. She has plenty of visuals and is well organized. Very professional. I did not want someone to be my buddy and make me think I'm doing well when I wasn't. She isn't afraid to correct me. She has pointed out so many things I had been doing wrong for a very long time. (years) Everyone wants to sound like a native speaker. You can't achieve that unless you have someone listening closely to how you are speaking your words. She does that so well. She listens to you word by word. She stops me and makes me use the correct pronunciation or grammar before I continue. I am a beginner. I didn't take Spanish in school. You won't need any prior training with her. She is ready to start from wherever you are in your language journey. The homework she gives helps reinforce what was discussed in class. Yes, I'm talking worksheets. Tools that later you can use to review what you have learned. If you want to really learn a language, you will need to feel a little uncomfortable and challenged. If not, you will get tired and bored with it. I am very happy I found her. I can't recommend her enough!


12 Lessons | April 3, 2023

Eunice is a gem. She has lessons and explanations for every grammatical concept, and corrects every error I make. She is a true Spanish teacher, not just a native speaker that I can talk to casually. If you want to focus on improving your grammar or pronunciation I recommend Eunice.


7 Lessons | March 23, 2023

Great instructor! She is very encouraging and patient.


30 Lessons | March 17, 2023

Eunice provides a tailored program to meet your needs. We have studied grammar, discussed politics, reviewed books and movies, and even learned song lyrics - all in Spanish. I always enjoy my classes with Eunice and appreciate the work she does to prepare for each individual class. She's a great teacher!

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