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"Harry 9 and Isabella 11 loved their lesson with Donatella today!! Thank you!!" "Harry 9 and Isabella 11 loved their lesson with Donatella today!! Thank you!!"
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4.93 58 Ratings

32 Lessons | March 5, 2024

This lesson was very good and I leaned a lot . Donatella is a very good teacher and I recommend to others :)


38 Lessons | January 14, 2024

I just started taking classes with Donatella. Today was my second lesson, based on what I have experienced so far, I can sense she's really interested in making sure her students will learn in a natural way, she's personable and gives the sense that you can relate to her on a friendly level, which makes it easier to speak with her. In addition, I was very impressed with the fact she assigned homework that was specifically tailored to my level after our trial lesson, without even knowing if I would decide to choose her as my tutor, which in essence sealed the deal for me. If she's willing to put in the work and effort in not knowing yet if one will decide to buy her lessons, then I can hope she will be just as excellent once on a permanent basis. Grazie mille Donatella, spero che le nostre lezioni siano molto divertenti!


17 Lessons | January 9, 2024

Donatella is great...she always has a planned lesson, BUT is willing to be flexible with questions as they arise


17 Lessons | December 27, 2023

If you want to learn Italian and are joining at any level, Donatella is a great tutor. Donatella has patience and makes each and every lesson unique and more important, a learning experience. I had no prior experience of the Italian language and Donatella's methods were progressive that I would learn something new following each lesson. Grazie mille Donatella!

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