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Lucas d

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1 Lesson | November 9, 2022

What a refreshing class! May I just start by saying that it was an absolute pleasure to meet Lucas. I felt very nervous at first, but he was very warm and encouraging, and that is something I really appreciated. Lucas is a very patient and engaging teacher. During the lesson, he presented his course in a very professional way. I have to say that I was feeling super motivated because of how encouraging he was once I told him about my goals. He made me feel like they were attainable and it's so nice to feel this as a language learner. After all, when stepping out of one's comfort zone, all you need is a down-to-earth and competent guide like Lucas. All in all, he is really easy to work with. Really fond of the atmosphere, the vibe, and his style of teaching. Thank you very much Lucas! I appreciate not only your dedication and kindness, but also all that you offer :) I look forward to working with you in our next sessions :)

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