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"always good energy, really recommend the lessons with Lola :)" "always good energy, really recommend the lessons with Lola :)"
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Daniel Morales

10 Lessons | January 26, 2023

Amazing first class! I am a complete beginner in French, but Lola has great teaching skills, adapted her knowledge to my level, shared a lot of different resources and encouraged me to start having my first readings, pronunciations and even conversations! I loved her way of explaining!


23 Lessons | January 26, 2023

I started learning French with Lola as a complete beginner and I haven't looked back since. My French skills have improved exponentially as a result of our one-to-one classes and I really look forward to each course. She has a fantastic depth of knowledge and explains the technical complexities clearly and concisely so it's easy to understand and learn. Lola is always smiling, patient and positive and her classes are great fun. I would happily recommend Lola to anyone wanting to improve their French skills, either just starting out as a beginner (like I was), or with some existing knowledge of French (where I am now), Lola is the perfect tutor for you.

Peter Phillips

26 Lessons | December 13, 2022

Lola is amazing Very patient . . . Exceptionally so. It can’t be easy listening all day to people murdering her own language!! She is very efficient at sending homework and follow up notes and advice and she is charming and shows a genuine interest in her students. I feel very relaxed with her and not embarrassed at being so bad at French in her company. Great listener and very well set up technically. Feel very lucky to have found her. Peter Phillips


22 Lessons | November 23, 2022

always good energy, really recommend the lessons with Lola :)

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