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"What an excellent first lesson! Jan was organised and extremely helpful. " "What an excellent first lesson! Jan was organised and extremely helpful. "
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42 Lessons | August 12, 2023

"I have had the privilege of learning German under the guidance of Jan, and I must say that he is an exceptional teacher. His dedication to teaching and his deep understanding of the language truly shine through in his classes. Jan has a unique way of making complex grammar concepts seem simple and approachable. His teaching style is engaging, incorporating interactive activities and real-life examples that have significantly boosted my language skills. What sets Jan apart is his genuine care for my progress. He takes the time to address individual questions and tailors his lessons to accommodate different learning paces. His enthusiasm for teaching is infectious, creating an environment where learning feels exciting and enjoyable. Jan's patience and encouragement have been instrumental in building my confidence to speak in Germanl. Without a doubt, Jan has played a pivotal role in my language journey, and I am incredibly grateful for his expertise. If you're looking for a German teacher who is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about your success, Jan is the perfect choice." Adama.


4 Lessons | March 22, 2023

What an excellent first lesson! Jan was organised and extremely helpful.

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