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"Ilaria is terrific!" "Ilaria is terrific!"
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16 Lessons | October 4, 2022

Ilaria is terrific!


11 Lessons | August 14, 2022

I’ve had 10 x 55-min sessions with Ilaria since May (it's now mid-August). Ilaria is an engaging teacher and has been very flexible in her approach to working with me. She has been willing to meet my need not for lessons as such (I have access to good Italian classes where I live), but just for simple everyday conversations with a native Italian speaker. We did revise a few grammar topics in our first couple of sessions together (prepositions, and bene / buono / bello / bravo), which I found very useful, but then we started talking about a range of interesting topics (e.g. our respective home towns, our day-to-day lives, recipes, travel) and have continued doing that since then. Ilaria spoke with me in her natural day-to-day Italian 90% of the time, with explanations in English where I needed them. These conversations have helped me improve my ability to listen and comprehend spoken Italian, as well as understand more about daily life in Italy. (I’m a little familiar with the area where Ilaria lives — on the Adriatic coast, in the province of Ancona in the Marche region — and talking with her transported me back there!) I will return to an Italian class at home for the final trimester this year and my learning experiences with Ilaria will undoubtedly help me in that class. I'm happy to recommend Ilaria and LanguaTalk.


1 Lesson | October 26, 2021

I am super happy with my lessons with Ilaria! She is very friendly and supportive, I always felt encouraged and comfortable when talking to her. I love how she customizes our lessons to my needs and preferences as well. I absolutely recommend her to everyone who wants to learn Italian

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