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Stavroula G

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"Amazing teacher, patient & super friendly. " "Amazing teacher, patient & super friendly. "
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16 Lessons | May 4, 2024

Amazing teacher, patient & super friendly.


16 Lessons | March 14, 2024

This has been my 10th! Lesson with Stravroula now, and I can’t wait for my next 10! She is an amazing teacher who is so patient and will wait until you completely understand everything you are currently studying- she always puts time and effort prior to her lessons and personalises them to you, I couldn’t recommend her enough. My dad speaks Greek and can’t believe how much I have advanced in such a short time!


16 Lessons | February 22, 2024

This is my 8th lesson with stravroula and I couldn’t be more happier, she always listens and asks to what I would like to learn. She clearly puts time and effort into her lesson planning which you can see from the material she provides to you. If you are starting out in Greek or want to learn more advance I would recommend her! Thank you


16 Lessons | February 6, 2024

After having a taster session with Stavroula I knew she was the right tutor for me, she makes everything fun and ensures you fully understand the dialog, pronunciation and grammar of what you are learning. I am on lesson 4 out of 10 and I have learnt so much already

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