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11 Lessons | August 9, 2021

Very professional tutor. Good structure to her lessons. Her minimum use of English during sessions is a positive as it ensures the student is pushed to learn the language (in a positive way).


26 Lessons | August 1, 2021

Stella is a wonderful teacher that carefully tends to the needs of her students. The lesson time is never wasted by doing activities that can be done individually. Instead we spend a lot of time talking and being immersed in the German language even despite our very low language level (we are total beginners!). This really helps us progress much faster than what would have been possible during conventional classes. And most importantly, Stella is always open to feedback to adapt the classes according to the style and preferences of her students - so I can really recommend her :)


17 Lessons | March 13, 2021

Finding it at times a little awkward with tutor ?communication fluidity but otherwise very much enoyable session and inspiring


1 Lesson | February 12, 2021

Stella is an excellent German teacher. She has helped me improve so much , not just with reading and writing but also with grammar which is considered the hardest. Stella always gives me homework and follows up with it, she helped me prepare for different exams and I am so grateful for that. Our classes are never boring and I learn so much every time. And most importantly she is very very sweet, fun and friendly. highly recommended

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