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Carmen D

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1 Lesson | May 13, 2021

Carmen has gone above and beyond to cater to my language requirements and learning style. I need to learn German for business and eventually for when I move out there. Carmen has tailored every lesson based on my own preferences and well as learning style. I was definitely not the easiest student, finding myself constantly frustrated however Carmen managed to get me up to speed to where I wanted / felt I needed to be whilst truly providing motivation to keep going no matter how tough or hard„the mountain seems, it will get smaller“. Her approach to teaching and languages is phenomenal. You can see that she truly loves her profession and is an enthusiast for languages; down to every detail!


61 Lessons | March 17, 2021

Carmen is a very good teacher and I have learned German with her for a month. She is encouraging, passionate and very responsible. I am always looking forward to her course and she made the learning process fun and efficient.


1 Lesson | February 11, 2021

Carmen has been teaching me German for the past 8 months. And in that time has got me from a complete novice to now taking my A2 exam. Her teaching style is engaging and fun which makes me look forward to every lesson. Carmen has got a unique ability to push me out of my comfort zone while still making me feel confident. She's really friendly, very flexible, and adapts every lesson to my personal needs. If you're looking to embark on the journey of German fluency or even to better your current level I honestly could not recommend a better teacher!

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