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44 Lessons | July 13, 2022

A half century ago I earned my undergraduate degree with a double major in French and Spanish. I had the best teacher for most of my French courses--decades later she became Dean of Humanities--Dr. Betty Becker-Theye. She set the standard for exemplary instruction and motivation...I had no other professor like her; until now--as I near 73 years of age and face poor health, I have once again had the good fortune to find another such source of expertise and compassion; motivating me to once again experience the satisfaction, joy, and pleasure of learning a foreign language. The young man--my professor--is Marcello de Santis. I highly recommend that you enhance your Italian learning experience with his knowledge and outstanding abilities.


21 Lessons | June 30, 2022

As a lifelong logophile, one who has studied four languages and some linguistics, I decided to learn Italian when I retired, both for the pure enjoyment and for the “mental exercise.” After studying on my own for a year, I started lessons with Marcello. This was a good move. Marcello has brought to the lessons a healthy balance between structure and flexibility. His academic background and his interest in linguistics, as well as his experience in and passion for teaching helped him craft a lesson plan perfect for my level, one that has challenged me and met my needs. At the same time, he has encouraged questions and demonstrated a genuine willingness to go off on tangents, with the goal of assuring I’ve understood the material and my questions have been answered. He brings patience, enthusiasm, creativity and playfulness to our lessons, which all help me feel more comfortable with the vulnerability one naturally experiences making the inevitable mistakes learning to speak another language. I’m grateful that he has introduced me to aspects of Italian culture, history and geography to which I heretofore had little exposure. This has enriched my language learning as well as broadened my horizons. In short, I highly recommend learning with Marcello. He is a true professional, a gem of a teacher!


25 Lessons | June 19, 2022

Lessons with Marcello are always informative and interesting. I have been studying Italian with him for four years.


21 Lessons | February 8, 2022

Very interesting lesson, as always.

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