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Tina A

206 Lessons
English, French, and Spanish
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A1-B2 (All levels except advanced)
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All needs except business
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Teenagers & adults (13+)
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"Tina is a great communicator and teaching comes naturally to her. Certainly, I recommend Tina as a Tutor. " "Tina is a great communicator and teaching comes naturally to her. Certainly, I recommend Tina as a Tutor. "
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5.0 37 Ratings

3 Lessons | May 11, 2023

So much fun!!


41 Lessons | December 16, 2022

I was quite apprehensive before I had my first tutoring session and didn't know what to expect. I was afraid that when I tried to speak French I would stumble over my words and end up looking like a fool. Right from the start, however, Tina put me at ease and made the entire process actually quite enjoyable. She has endless patience, and she approaches our sessions with exactly the right combination of good humor and professionalism. She always has a plan for our lessons, and she keeps us on track. Yet that doesn't prevent us from having a lot of laughs along the way. Our sessions are loads of fun, and I now look forward to them each week. Most importantly, I'm learning a tremendous amount and am rapidly gaining confidence in my speaking ability. I'm fortunate to have found such a terrific tutor in Tina.


11 Lessons | May 17, 2022

Tina is a fantastic teacher and coach! After the initial consultation I knew I had found a good match for what I was looking for. I’ve studied French on my own and wanted to boost my confidence speaking. Tina makes learning fun and is helping me tie years of self study together. When I paid for my first lessons I felt good about investing in myself to help reach a personal goal, the value I have gotten in return has been immeasurable!


34 Lessons | May 16, 2022

I study French with Tina already 3months, i see the different, i understand French now more easy and it help me in my work ( i work with French people) Tina gives a lesson very intelligibly and easily, never boring and comfortable. I really recommended here. she is perfect teacher, i like this style of the work!

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