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"Clarysse is so organized and on it. She creates lessons that are easy to understand and are fun. Highly recommend her. " "Clarysse is so organized and on it. She creates lessons that are easy to understand and are fun. Highly recommend her. "
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24 Lessons | November 29, 2023

I feel like I've gotten so lucky finding Clarysse! She always starts the lesson just by having a chat in french which is exactly what I want to practice my conversation skills. Then she'll have some exercises prepared on different topics she has noticed I make mistakes with and make sure I understand it fully before moving on. I also love that she'll teach me a lot of day to day french, in addition to the more formal things you find in the books. Highly highly recommend!


19 Lessons | July 17, 2023

Very patient and really enjoy taking class with this top teacher!


13 Lessons | July 14, 2023

Clarysse is a joy to work with. Her lesson plans make sense with my language goals. In addition, she is a good listener and is incredibly patient.


13 Lessons | July 7, 2023

Clarysse is a wonderful teacher, who knows how to take full use of the video conferencing platform. During our lessons, she takes handwritten notes that I can see on the screen, which include not just the correct spelling, but the phonetic spelling as well. I am more of a visual learner and this approach really helps me maintain the information better. I feel lucky to have found Clarysse, especially because initially, I was skeptical about learning a language via video conferencing.

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