Stina viktoria s

Stina viktoria s

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24 Lessons | October 4, 2022

While I don't always can rate lessons. I have really benefited from my lessons with Stina Viktoria and have even given an academic lecture with her help. More importantly I always enjoy our lessons and she is super flexible and adjusts to what is important for me. So all in all, just great! Thank you Stina Viktoria!


6 Lessons | September 22, 2022

Viktoria är den bästa läraren. She is amazing in all aspects of teaching. What I like the most is that the classes are never dull, there is always a positive energy and learning doesn't feel like a chore. It's very natural in a way. Looking forward to many more classes with her :)


7 Lessons | September 1, 2022

To anyone who has ever dealt with human interaction the motto " lead by example" is well known. In the case of Stina Victoria one would have to formulate it as " teach by example" . And as far as I am concerned, this is what Stina does, and has therefore become not just a fun tutor, but almost a part of my daily routine. And that is not little, neither for the student nor for the tutor. Bravo, Stina!!!!


18 Lessons | March 9, 2022

Stina is great at explaining the details I need to learn. She has a strong understanding of the basics and foundation of grammar of language and uses that base to help build your own language learning. She is also quick to keep up with me as I push my own understanding of the language, and gives resources surrounding the "topic" of that day's lesson. She's a wonderful teacher!

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