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Carina d

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1 Lesson | October 25, 2021

I am learning Dutch with Carina and she is really good! Every lesson is like a treat: it's wonderful to see how learning can be fun, and it is! I am always looking forward to seeing her. She shares great learning material with me! And I am making good progress.


1 Lesson | March 10, 2021

I’ve had Dutch lessons with Carina for couple of months now and I can highly recommend her! The amount of progress I’ve accomplished with her is huge. Carina provides students with books and tons of learning material that she makes by herself. Her learning methods are kind and patient but at the same time very motivating. She is very flexible by offering learning slots daily.


1 Lesson | March 2, 2021

Before starting with Carina, I knew just a few words in Dutch. In a year I managed to achieve B1 level. I am very grateful to my teacher, Carina, whose lessons were well-structured and efficient. At first, I was a bit nervous because my knowledge of Dutch was limited, however, Carina’s positive and calm attitude made the lessons fun and enjoyable. Carina is always ready to tailor the lessons to my preferences (e.g. practicing speaking, reading or learning grammar). During the lessons, I also learned a lot about Dutch and Belgian culture. Carina has many lesson slots at the weekend, which is very important for me due to the busy schedule during the week. In my opinion, Carina is an excellent Dutch teacher.

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