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11 Lessons | August 29, 2022

My first full-length lesson with Kanako was fantastic. Kanako Sensei is very patient, communicates very clearly, and explains things quickly and easily. She is the ideal tutor. Highly, highly recommended.


45 Lessons | August 24, 2022

I have given a review before, but thought it was worth renewing as I have now been having lessons with Kanako san for over 3 months. I really enjoy the lessons and I feel that I am learning a lot. I am rather a slow learner, but Kanako san is very patient. She is happy to structure the lessons around what is relevant to me, rather than making me learn vocabulary that is not relevant, and I have found the lessons help a lot with day to day living in Japan. I highly recommend Kanako sensei as a teacher.


12 Lessons | July 13, 2022

My lesson with Kanako Sensei has been fruitful. Progression was lean when she was there to fine tune my understanding on certain grammar, verbs to use in different conditions, and she listened very attentively to all my queries. Besides language learning, the cultural exchange also made the lesson interesting and enjoyable. Definitely a conducive environment to make as many mistakes as you can for any keen learners. ありがとせんせい


49 Lessons | July 8, 2022

Kanako S is an excellent tutor. She is very patient and understands the pace that I am learning at but also encourages me to push myself. Her Podcasts, Instagram and Facebook are very useful tools to the learning process as well.

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