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"Muchas gracias por ano 2021." "Muchas gracias por ano 2021."
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41 Lessons | June 8, 2023

Azahara is the most fantastic teacher of Spanish imaginable! She is fun, thoughtful, takes enormous care of your interests and abilities and is so motivating. each hour passes in a flash. an absolute star, if we had teachers lie her in every subject we would be top of the leaugue!


52 Lessons | May 18, 2023

Azahara is an exceptionally talented teacher who is always fun to talk to and learn from. A teacher myself, I admire her energy, organization, professionalism and creativity. She employs a range of learning techniques and exercises; her curriculum is constantly evolving and seems tailored to each learner. At the same time, it's very relaxed, manageable and engaging! I've been studying with Azahara for a year, and I still look forward to it every week.

Andrei Tiberiu

16 Lessons | April 20, 2023

What I can say about these hours that I've spent with Azahara is that they slip by too fast. I enjoy them very much. Azahara is a lively person, always smiling and uplifting, with a very elegant and refined approach to teaching. I opted for the more conversational path, in which we focused on free talking about various subjects with insertions of grammar, vocabulary and exercises. But you can choose a more school-like experience with focus on writing, grammar, conjugations etc. if it suits you better. The difference between when I started and now is tremendous. Azahara helped me find my confidence, so now when I find myself in a "ambiente español" I speak Spanish and I find my words easily, instead of just choosing english. I don't want to bore you with lots of text. All in all, Azahara creates a nice environment and I really felt the progress each time. I leaned a lot about Spanish culture and about her travels. I wouldn't have another Spanish teacher. I'm thinking about going at least 1 hour/week for the rest of time. ¡Gracias Azahara por ayudarme a encontrar mi voz!


14 Lessons | February 9, 2023

Azahara is a great teacher and learning Spanish with her is fun and practical. She goes at my pace and uses each lesson to revise earlier learnings and introduce new stuff. Would highly recommend her

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