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1 Lesson | May 9, 2021

TL;DR: I've worked with her over a month, have already purchased lessons through the end of the year. It's absolutely worth it, she's amazing, look no further. Pilar's best qualities as a professor are: ** Flexible, friendly, and energetic ** Things do get busy in my life and it can be difficult to prioritize lessons, homework, and general study of Spanish. Pilar is always thoughtful to these needs, never rushes a lesson, and has been helpful even in the case when I've needed to reschedule. What's more, is that even when I'm not prepared or mentally focused for a lesson, I can always depend on Pilar's positive attitude to energize and excite me, ultimately ensuring that we both get to have a good time. Most of all, she constantly asks for feedback, seeking to tweak every aspect of the experience to exactly what her students want and need. ** Creative, detailed, and organized ** When I started this process, given that I was a bit more advanced, Pilar asked me what I wanted to talk about in order to engage my Spanish skills. I came out of left-field with requests like "leftist policy, feminism, pop music, and LGBTQ+ issues." Pilar took my request and ran with it, finding articles and podcasts or creating lesson plans and practice sheets that blew me away. Pilar knows that studying languages can be challenging and strives to make the experience engaging for you. ** Knowledgable, accredited, and reputable ** Though I knew that I wanted to become certified when I started working with Pilar, I had not done a great deal of research on my options. Pilar came with knowledge about the programs I could pursue, and how to structure our time together to help me meet my goals. Beyond this, Pilar clearly has engaged with language learning from an academic perspective, and is able to communicate abstract language rules and patterns through simple examples and clear documentation.

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