Eva M

Eva M

122 Lessons
English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish
Levels I can teach
All levels
Needs I cover
All learning needs
Ages I can teach
Teenagers & adults (13+)
Tools I use
Zoom and Skype
Student Reviews
5.0 34 Ratings

12 Lessons | June 16, 2021

Eva is an excellent tutor. Very knowledgeable and very professional.


22 Lessons | June 15, 2021

I have learned so much from Eva in a very short time. She's very clear in her explanation, and very supportive and encouraging. Working with Eva has really helped to build my confidence. I definitely recommend Eva.


1 Lesson | February 10, 2021

Eva is very easy to talk to, as she is very good at explaining things - she makes sure that all my questions are answered, and that all of the entirety of the material is understood. Classes are fun and very productive at the same time - I have seen results after only a few lessons. Highly recommend!


1 Lesson | February 8, 2021

Eva is a great teacher. She always comes with a whole concept for the class, and brings in different audio, video or other materials for the lesson. She's very nice, and the class is always a good experience for me.

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