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23 Lessons | September 22, 2021

I have been working with Victor for about 6 months and I feel very lucky to have found him as mi maestro de español. He is the “dream teacher” (and a delight to work with) for someone like me, who at times needs help with staying positive. It’s easy to sometimes become frustrated when learning a language and occasionally I have felt a little discouraged with thoughts of giving up. But now that my learning pace is picking up, I can definitely say it has been worth “hanging in there”, as I’m now able to see the progress I am making. Thanks to Victor’s flexible way of teaching, I’ve been able to persevere. Victor is very calm, understanding, patient and always encouraging, and it is apparent that he has a sincere desire to help. What’s also important, the lessons are fun, as I’ve come to recognize I don’t need to be perfect. I’ve become more comfortable knowing that I can learn at my own pace without any pressure to become fluent mañana. I’m determined that “I can do this”….muchas gracias a Victor!


1 Lesson | April 4, 2021

I have been taking lessons with Victor for a couple months and he is a fantastic teacher. He is always on time, enjoys teaching, and goes the extra mile. I am learning so much and having a great time as well. I think it is always important to recognize top talent and Victor is that to say the least.

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