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Alexandra R

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Puerto Rico
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"Alexandra is amazing! I highly recommend booking a lesson. " "Alexandra is amazing! I highly recommend booking a lesson. "
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Student Reviews
5.0 21 Ratings
Michael Bothel

85 Lessons | December 27, 2023

Alexandra is a great teacher. She takes the time to answer questions, give you the why behind variances in the language and is very encouraging - she also knows when to push you. She will incorporate new vocab into what is happening in your life at the time.


98 Lessons | November 8, 2023

I really like that Alexandra gears our lessons towards my interests and upcoming trip!


98 Lessons | October 25, 2023

This was another fun lesson, and Alexandra and I talked about my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico!

Jason Mertell

4 Lessons | August 8, 2023

If you are looking for a high quality Spanish teacher then you will find it with Alexandra. She meets you exactly at your level of understanding but at the same time incorporates different methods to allow you to reach the next level in your journey of learning a foreign language. Her passion for language is evident and always gives great feedback. It helps that she has a strong educational background in language that she utilizes in her sessions, consistently providing scaffolding to help me along. She also provides a recap of the vocabulary that was discussed directly after the lesson. I appreciate her patience and will continue to book sessions with her.

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