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"Jane is always incredibly patient and helpful with giving advice. She has immensely helped me improve my pronunciation. " "Jane is always incredibly patient and helpful with giving advice. She has immensely helped me improve my pronunciation. "
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36 Lessons | January 28, 2024

Another enjoyable lesson today. I had fun, enjoying the varied study materials that Jane 老师, with her always positive and engaging attitude, introduced. I also appreciated the tailored and well-considered advice that she gave me today regarding exam preparation.


36 Lessons | January 16, 2024

I am most pleased, having Jane 老师 as my tutor. She is punctual, well-prepared, and easy to get on with. She has a keen ear, and notices when I struggle with (for example) a particular topic or phoneme, and often tweaks the content of our classes accordingly, to help me better master it. I appreciate that, and feel like I make better progress as a result. Since starting lessons with Jane 老师 about 1/2 year ago, I feel confident that I am making good progress, and feel comfortable, knowing that she is responsive to any lesson-related feedback or requests that I have. I enjoy our lessons, and look forward to them every week.


9 Lessons | January 6, 2024

I appreciate a lot how meticulously Jane explains the difference in pronunciation of different sounds and tones. What’s more, I feel that she does want me to get it right and to see my progress! I’m deeply touched by this attitude since I know from my personal experience that it’s quite rare (regardless the subject) when teachers are eager to see student’s improvement and not simply “do one’s job”.


9 Lessons | December 30, 2023

I'm so happy I can finally resume my Chinese learning journey. I really missed my classes with Jane. I very appreciate the deep cultural insights with which she enriches our course. Today we analysed a truly inspiring piece of the classical poetry, I'm impressed with her explanations. Feeling especially grateful to her for providing me with the first clues into the beauty of the lyrical structure of the Chinese poetry.

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