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Ioannis josef m

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21 Lessons | November 23, 2022

Ioannis is a fantastic teacher I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn a new language. He’s excellent at teaching new (and difficult) concepts in ways that are easy to understand. He’s very patient and extremely knowledgeable about both the language itself and how to go about learning it. This makes classes very effective. Above and beyond all that, Ioannis makes learning fun. It’s clear he’s very passionate about languages and teaching and this shines through. You won’t find a better teacher to learn from than him!


5 Lessons | June 8, 2022

Ioannis is a very professional, patient and encouraging teacher! As a language teacher myself, I can confirm that he has a vast language knowledge and knows how to present it to the student. I really enjoyed the lessons and would recommend him to everyone!


1 Lesson | March 27, 2022

Ioannis is a very experienced, patient and encouraging teacher. He adapts to student's language needs easily and provides the student with more info with complex explanation, examples and additional exercises. I also like the lesson organization and his sense of humor. I really enjoy my German lessons with him - especially when he teaches me some more colloquial expressions, jokes etc. Learning German has never been so much fun!

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