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"Estefania is awesome! I appreciate how patient she is. I’m looking forward to my next lesson. " "Estefania is awesome! I appreciate how patient she is. I’m looking forward to my next lesson. "
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3 Lessons | January 18, 2023

I just had my first lesson with Estefania and it was great. Her Spanish is easy to understand she speaks clearly and is patient. I get the feeling that she genuinely wants to help her students learn the language


26 Lessons | December 28, 2022

¡Estefania es absolutamente increíble y creíble! He programado un total de 15 clases con ella hasta ahora y en mi octava lección. ¡Comenzamos con pronombres y conjugaciones de temas básicos y recientemente nos hemos movido a verbos reflexivos! ¡Estoy aprendiendo mejor gramática en español que nunca en inglés! LOL Ella también habla contigo español para desarrollar tu español conversacional! ¡Realmente creo que si sigo adelante, pronto hablaré con fluidez!


84 Lessons | December 21, 2022

I have been working with Estefanía for 6 months now and I can emphasize enough how much my Spanish has improved. What I appreciate about Estefanía is that she is so patient, nonjudgmental, and she pushes me to work harder. She does a great job at seeing where my strengths and areas where I need improvement are and then she challenges me with harder content. I have already been able to use the Spanish I’ve learned from our lessons in my job and in my daily communication with others. Estefanía also does a great job gently correcting me when I make errors in a way that doesn’t make me lose my train of thought. Lastly, I appreciate that Estefanía organizes the vocabulary I need to work on and a resources of material we use in class all in one place (a google doc) that helps me when I study on my own.


7 Lessons | December 6, 2022

A great lesson with Estefanía, as always! I really value our lessons. Estefanía brings such patience and understanding to each one, which is so important to me as I learn and improve my Spanish. Gracias, Estefanía!

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