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Vanessa P

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"As always excellent lesson!" "As always excellent lesson!"
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15 Lessons | May 1, 2024

I just started with Vanessa. She is very kind and patient and is very easy to talk with. She provides very helpful feedback. She has many extra resources to choose from. I'm looking forward to working with her!! Very happy I found her.


43 Lessons | September 22, 2023

Are you looking for a Spanish tutor? You don’t need to search any further. Vanessa is the best. I was looking for a way to balance my book/app learning with speaking more Spanish. Vanessa is an excellent, patient and kind teacher, with a wonderful sense of humor. Her lessons are well organized and thoughtfully prepared before our meetings, allowing us to maximize the use of each hour for conversation and learning. During the lessons she quietly makes notes on a shared document that I subsequently use for reference. My only regret is that I didn’t start these lessons earlier.


146 Lessons | August 4, 2023

Now in my second year, I enjoy the benefits of maintaining a steady learning schedule - with a caring and thoughtful teacher. Vanessa knows my strengths and weaknesses well and can enhance my learning. At every lesson, I pick up a good amount of vocabulary, which arises naturally as part of our discourse. And we have great fun going deeper into any given theme thanks to our mutual understanding of each other's background. I greatly recommend this long-term approach with an excellent teacher.


43 Lessons | June 8, 2023

Well structured lessons that are organized to answer my questions, and to get me talking in Spanish!

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