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"I’ve been a student of foreign languages most of my life, using all sorts of different methods – and I cannot recommend LanguaTalk highly enough. It’s a very well run website and my tutor is superb…I’m making noticeable progress and am very satisfied!" Lucy, UK

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The price per lesson depends on which tutor(s) you choose to learn with. Prices can range anywhere from around 11 USD (€9/£8) to 40 USD (€35/£30) per lesson. It's usually cheaper than learning locally as tutors don't have to travel and sometimes live in countries with a lower cost of living. There are also discounts if you buy more than one lesson at a time. After you create a free account, you'll be able to view each tutor and their associated pricing. You'll also be able to use our price filter to help you find a tutor who fits your budget.

1-on-1 lessons are perhaps the best way to improve speaking skills, and because of this many students use LanguaTalk to learn to speak languages fluently. That said, some students have other, more specific goals. Tell your tutor what your goals are and they'll tailor the lessons to your needs. Most tutors will be able to adapt to whatever goal you have, whether you're learning for family, business, travel, exams, or just for fun! You can focus on whatever areas you want to improve, whether this be grammar, pronunciation, confidence when speaking, or something else.

New to LanguaTalk? You'll have one credit for a free trial. Most tutors offer a trial for free. If they do not, they’ll offer a trial session at a discount compared to their usual hourly rate.

Trial sessions last 30 minutes. The trial is for you to assess whether the tutor is a good fit for you, and get a feel for learning online. The tutor will assess your level and aim to understand your needs and interests so that they can customise any lessons you decide to take. You'll be encouraged to speak in your target language as much as possible, but of course you can speak in English too!

After your session, if you feel that the tutor isn’t quite right for you, you can simply book a trial with someone else.

Most of the tutors on our site are able to teach students of all levels (A1-C2). When you click on a tutor's profile you'll see if certain levels are not supported. For example, certain tutors cannot teach complete beginners.

Likewise, you can also see on the tutor's profile whether they're suitable for all ages. Students sometimes take LanguaTalk lessons to support school/college studies. Usually, the tutor will be able to customise the lessons to follow the material and topics covered in the student's exams. Please note that as per our Terms & Conditions, students who are under 18 must get permission from a legal guardian before booking.

The beauty of taking lessons online is that you can learn anytime, anywhere. When you choose a tutor, just check their calendar to make sure that they have available times that fit your schedule. Certain tutors have limited availability due to teaching a lot of students.

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