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Spanish tutor Joan C

Joan C

29 Lessons
$22.06 / h
English and Spanish
"Joan is a great teacher and we had a lot of fun in this lesson. She is really fun to..."
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Spanish tutor Omar C

Omar C

73 Lessons
$22.06 / h
English and Spanish
"Great classes, he uses the computer very effectively to explain things and writes our conversations so I can see the..."
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Spanish tutor Maribel  Z

Maribel Z

327 Lessons
$18.75 / h
English and French
"Very accommodating and attentive "
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Spanish tutor Amaya S

Amaya S

3 Lessons
$25.36 / h
English and Spanish
"Great class, felt like I had a great opportunity to practice speaking as well as learning new vocabulary and received..."
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The beauty of taking classes online is that you can learn anytime, anywhere. When you choose a teacher, just check their calendar to make sure that they have available times that fit your schedule. Some teachers have limited availability as they already have a lot of students.

The vast majority of students take 55-minute classes. But some tutors also provide the option of 30-minute classes. If they do, you’ll see this noted on their profile (below their pricing and above the ‘Buy Lessons’ button).

55-minute classes are recommended for most students. In general, we only suggest considering 30-minute classes if they’re for your child, or you have an intermediate level and only want conversation practice.

On LanguaTalk, you can find exceptional tutors for 1-on-1 Spanish classes tailored to your goals and learning preferences. Here’s how to try it for yourself:

1 - Find your ideal tutor by browsing videos, reviews, pricing and availability.

2 - Book a trial. Many tutors offer a 30-minute trial for free; others charge a discounted price.

3 - Take personalised classes with your new tutor via video call. Or try someone else.

No card is required to book a free trial session. Please only book if you're considering taking classes. Pricing varies by tutor and you can use the filter to find someone who fits your budget. You can pay one lesson at a time, or buy in bulk for a discount (open a tutor's profile to see their pricing options).

We’re confident you’ll love learning via LanguaTalk. We're trusted by students all over the world because we're transparent. We ask students to rate each lesson, and we display reviews on tutors’ profiles.

99.8% of lesson ratings are 5 stars. Why? Because unlike other platforms, we accept only the top 10% of tutor applications.

To see our full FAQs or get help from our friendly team, click the '?' in the corner of the screen. You can also watch students talking about their experiences learning via LanguaTalk below.

Lessons are taught 1-on-1 so that you receive your tutor’s full attention and can make fast progress. Communicating via video call, you’ll be able to talk to your tutor and share learning materials as if you were in the same room.

The tutors vary in terms of their teaching methods, resources, experiences, and personalities. So we suggest you look at several profiles to choose the best tutor for you. Whichever Spanish tutor you pick, they'll aim to tailor the classes to your individual needs.

New to LanguaTalk? We'll give you a credit for a free trial session. Many, but not all, teachers offer these for free. If they do not, the price will be just 30 percent of their full lesson price, so you can still try a session at minimal cost.

Trial sessions last 30 minutes. They allow you to assess whether the teacher is a good fit for you, and get a feel for learning online. The teacher will assess your level and aim to understand your needs and interests so that they can customise any classes you decide to take. You'll be encouraged to speak in Spanish as much as possible, but of course you can speak in English too!

If, after your trial session, you don't feel that the teacher is quite right for you, you can book a trial with another teacher for just 30 percent of their full lesson price.

Do any of the teachers on LanguaTalk also provide Spanish classes for adults in Wichita Falls?

Tutors on LanguaTalk sometimes provide classes for adults locally, but most only provide online classes for adults as it is more convenient and allows them to work from home. In addition, most tutors are not teaching Spanish in Wichita Falls because they're living elsewhere in the world. If you decide to book with a tutor, you should assume that they can only teach you online.

How much do Wichita Falls Spanish teachers charge per hour?

Our research suggests that the average cost for private Spanish classes for adults in Wichita Falls is somewhere between $25-$35 per hour. As online teachers do not need to travel to you and they often live in countries with a lower cost of living, the hourly cost tends to be significantly lower.

What are the best options for receiving Spanish classes for adults in Wichita Falls?

Whether you live in the city centre or the suburbs of Wichita Falls, there are many options for learning Spanish. You could use an app or a software program if you're looking to pick up basic vocabulary and learn some grammar rules. Alternatively, you could attend group classes for adults with Spanish teachers in Wichita Falls if you're keen for a social experience. Or, you could take 1-on-1 classes for adults with a private teacher. This isn't the cheapest way to learn a language but it's possibly the most effective, assuming you have a good teacher. Learning online rather than face-to-face may make private teachers a more affordable option. Check the teacher profiles above to see how much it's likely to cost. Prices vary a lot depending on the teacher, but will usually be cheaper than learning with a Spanish teacher in Wichita Falls, face-to-face.

How does learning with a teacher via video call differ from learning face-to-face with a Spanish teacher in Wichita Falls?

Sometimes students tell us that they're not sure about learning Spanish online because they think it’ll be completely different to learning face-to-face. But usually when they try it, they find that the experience is almost the same and they often build a solid relationship with their teacher.

Once you start a video call with your chosen teacher, you’ll be able to communicate with them as if you were in the same room. The teacher will typically also share learning resources with you (newspaper articles, YouTube, etc.) and you’ll be able to collaborate in real-time using a tool like Google Docs or Dropbox Paper.

What's the best way to find a Spanish teacher near me in Wichita Falls?

If you're really not keen on learning with a teacher via video call, LanguaTalk isn't going to be the right choice for you. You can instead search for a teacher on a local service listing website, or put up an advert in your local area. We do encourage you to give it a try learning online though - you've got nothing to lose as you can book a free trial session. Most people find the experience is as good as learning face-to-face, but with the benefit of having access to better teachers at a lower cost.